Facilities Use Policy

Morningside Baptist Church of Bainbridge Inc.

 Church (Facilities) Use Policies

((Amended & adopted August 2011))

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Facility Use Policy

Facilities Use Request Form

  1. Morningside Baptist Church of Bainbridge Inc. (throughout referred to as Morningside Baptist Church or MBC) gladly offers the use of their facilities to members and their immediate families for funerals, weddings, receptions, showers and other family meetings subject to the doctrinal and ethical positions of the church.  However, the church must reserve the right to deny, decline or cancel any request or reservation.
  2. Use of these facilities and grounds by non-religious groups and organizations and religious groups and organizations which are not expressly affiliated with and sanctioned by Morningside Baptist Church will be considered on an individual request basis and applicable fees assessed.
  3. The regular and special religious services of Morningside Baptist Church shall have priority over any activities or events which have been or will be requested.  Any authorized activities must be scheduled so that any preparation, arrangements, and removal of decorations do not interfere with any scheduled services of the church.
  4. Reservations for the use of any portion of the property and grounds must be requested through the church office and applicable fees (if any) paid in advance prior to placing on the church calendar.  A copy of this Facilities Use Policy is to be made available to all persons authorized to use the property and grounds.
  5. Except in unusual circumstances (as determined by the Pastor or his designate) there is no fee required for use of the buildings and facilities by a member of Morningside Baptist Church.

    However, there may be a fee required if church supplies, resources, utilities, etc., are used or when special cleaning of facilities or use of items such as table cloths, etc is required.  Other fees will apply as stated in the Church Wedding Policy. 

  6. Individuals making requests for use of facilities shall bear responsibility for leaving the property and equipment in "as found" order and condition after use.
  7. Restrictions of the use of buildings are as follows:  Attachments which might mar or damage the fixtures or walls must not be used in any part of the buildings.  Potted plants and candelabras which might drip water or wax onto the floors must have adequate coverings beneath them.  Decorations, drink containers, or other items will not be placed upon pianos or other special furniture.  Food and drinks are to remain in designated areas only.  Please.. No food or drinks allowed in main worship building (Sanctuary).  Consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not allowed on church property.
  8. Because all sound equipment is interdependent and misuse of any one component may adversely affect all others, only authorized members of the church shall adjust, remove, replace, or otherwise alter any component, including microphones, speakers, wires, or any other elements of the sound system.  If it is necessary to use or change any portion of the sound equipment, the person assuming responsibility for use of the building shall contact the Pastor or Minister of Music.  He will then assign an authorized person to use/adjust the system.
  9. Furniture (chairs, pulpit furniture, etc) in the Sanctuary may not be rearranged nor removed without the special permission from the Pastor or his designate.
  10. Furniture (tables, chairs, etc) in the Fellowship Hall may be rearranged to facilitate the event.  The person making the reservation is responsible for overseeing the return of the furniture to its original place.
  11. All musical selections shall be coordinated with and approved by with the Pastor, Minister of Music, or their designates.
  12. The lending of any church equipment, resources, or equipment is not allowed except when approved by one of the following:   Pastor, Minister of Music, Chairman of Deacons, Chairperson of Properties and Maintenance Committee.  A resources log will be kept in the church office to itemize what and to whom resources were loaned as well as a time for their return.
  13. Personal articles, equipment, etc. should not be brought to the church and left.  It is the responsibility of the owner to see that the items are taken home with them and not stored or left for use at the church.  Persons leaving items at the church do so at their own risk. 
  14. The use of the church nursery for purposes other than regular or special meetings of the church is discouraged.  The safety of our children and the cleanliness of the nursery facility are of primary importance.
  15. Weddings, funerals, or other services performed by a minister or layperson not associated with Morningside Baptist Church should be cleared by the Pastor, Minister of Music, or their designates.
  16. Children must be supervised at all times and not allowed access to electronic equipment, musical instruments, or other delicate equipment.
  17. Applicable fees for use of facilities by Members and Non-members of Morningside Baptist Church:
    • Members and their immediate family members:    No fee
      (Church member's immediate family is defined as:   Mother, Father, Grandparents, Children, Grandchildren, and Legal Guardian relationships).

    • Non-members:
      $ 100   dollars usage fee
      75   dollars cleaning fee (may be refunded upon inspection)
       $ 175   dollars total
  18. Exemption of fees for civic organizations, religious groups and churches, public and private school groups, and other responsible groups will be considered on a case by case basis.  Authorization for use and/or exemption of fees may be made by any of the following:  Church ministerial staff or Chairman of Deacons.    Kitchen supplies must be provided by the organization, church, or group utilizing the facility.